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Yvonne Marshall


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840 South State Highway 39
South Greenfield, MO 65752

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George needs your help! Please help us provide George with the autism therapies he responds to best! We have only scratched the surface of what is available for him using Natural Play Therapy. We have started our NPT classes so are excited to apply all that we are learning. Natural Play Therapy allows us to pull in other therapies that work best for George. We are currently adding some sensory enrichment to his daily life and looking into The Listening Program to help him mainly with his speech, but it helps many different areas. These programs are all private pay. We don't want to waste our time doing so called 'free therapies' when they are not effective for George. Please consider helping us out by purchasing one or some of our T-shirts to help spread the word! All funds raised will be used to help George!

We began Natural Play Therapy with George in July 2013 and it has been the best therapy we have ever done for him. He is the happiest we have ever seen him. He is calmer, showing more non-verbal communication, gives us more eye-contact and is beginning to enjoy interacting with others.

We are working hard to get a team of volunteers in place to come play with George. In the meantime we need to pay a Team Leader to work with George about 12 hours a week. We need about $500 dollars a month to do this. We have been blessed to have this covered since last July 2013 through donations. We will run out of these funds towards the end of June 2014. Please check out George's full story at my blog. http://georgesnaturalplaytherapy.blogspot.com He is on Facebook too. Just search Hope4George like the t-shirt says! Thank you and God Bless!

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